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Getting to know Unity and C# - Week Recap


I noticed that a lot of games made in Unity has a certain “look” to it. I think it’s mainly because of it’s physics/lighting modules. While it is heavily based on the game developer to decide on it’s final look, I realized that there are lots of games that uses pre-fabs to get the job done.

When learning how to make games in Unity by going through the Unity 3D Beginner Tutorial, I can’t but to find myself having total respect for game developers. It gave me a sense of awe when I heard Thomas Brush, creator of Pinstripe, make his game from scratch, teaching himself each and every bit of game development in 5 years.Everything is built from ground up and it does make you feel like you’re God or something. It doesn’t get into game engine meta but it’s pretty close to creating something out of nothing.

John Lemon as Himself

John Lemon as Himself

Couple of things that I’ve learnt in the first couple of lessons for this tutorial was

  1. C# is case-sensitive

  2. The Class.OnAnimator is different than the Class.Animator, and it makes all the difference.

Progress is still rather slow, but I am taking a step at a time just absorbing and truly understanding what is going on before moving on.

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